Board Members

Jennifer Dawn



 I have been a climber and outdoor enthusiast for over 25 years. I have also been a social worker for 20 years.  My passion for protecting all things that cannot protect themselves has led me to my role on this board. I hope to support our mission in every way possible and protect our amazing climbing areas for years to come. 

Alyssa Krag-Arnold



I see stewardship as proactively building relationships with land managers, local climbers, visiting climbers, and the general community to ensure that issues related to climbing impacts are addressed before they endanger climbing access. It is also working to minimize the impact that climbing has on natural areas through smart trail development and management, as well as cleanup events and outreach. 

Gianna Leavers



Gianna South Lake Tahoe with her husband Brad and in 2018, they opened South Lake Tahoe's first and only climbing gym, Blue Granite Climbing Gym.  "I think it's our responsibility to inspire and encourage people to enjoy the same incredible resources that we've all discovered and love, while also informing people of proper trail/crag etiquette and instilling a sense of responsibility in them to also be good climbing stewards." 

Board Members

Michael Habicht

Michael Habicht

Doug Robinson


Jay Sell